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Eleanor Reid McDaniel & Richard Trent Choron
October 17, 2009
Kauai, Hawaii

You just never know when fate will send the person you’re meant to be with into your life. But on a warm spring night, a boy would by chance meet a girl. Their eyes would slowly meet. As she speaks, he falls head over heels for her. They would spend a wonderful summer falling in love. And then fate threw them a curveball--- to different schools in different states. And just when they had a chance to get back together, fate sent him off to war. Even after all of that, they still managed to rekindle their romance. Fate tried to intervene again with another deployment. But this time, Eleanor and Trent had a different plan. And as they spoke their wedding vows fate smiled down on them as they became husband and wife.

The Back Story
According to Trent, it all started at Oak Mountain Amphitheatre in Birmingham, It was 1996, just before high school graduation. Trent and friends were there for a concert. As fate would have it, they ran into a mutual friend who was with two girls Trent did not know. As they politely made small talk, it took Trent a few minutes to realize the friend was trying to introduce him to one of the girls. That girl was Eleanor McDaniel. Trent says that from the moment he heard her voice, he was enchanted. Trent never left Eleanor’s side that first night and for the remainder of the summer. All the while, they both knew they’d soon be going their separate ways, Eleanor to the University of Tennessee and Trent to Marion Military School. They tried to see each other when they could but the distance and schedule conflicts soon took its toll on the relationship. Ultimately, they decided it would be best to get through college and remain friends. They stayed in touch; there were phone calls, the occasional military ball, and holiday visits in Birmingham. In 2005, Trent was deployed to Iraq and it was only when he left that Eleanor realized her feelings for him had never changed. Once he returned from Iraq, the pair began to talk frequently and in the early fall of 2007, Trent asked Eleanor to go to a friend’s wedding. Eleanor says they had an incredible time together… just like old times. She knew then that something special was still there between them. After that night, they began dating but soon found out that Trent was scheduled to deploy again, this time to Afghanistan. But the couple was determined not to let a war or distance disrupt their relationship. They were determined to make it work....and they did.

The Proposal
The couple became engaged as fast as Trent could get to Eleanor after his return from Afghanistan. Trent already had a special engagement ring designed for Eleanor; one with emeralds flanking the center diamond. He wanted emeralds because when they would speak on the phone during his deployment, Eleanor would always say she missed looking into his green eyes…so the emeralds were meant to symbolize Trent’s eyes. After he left the base on his way to Alabama, he stopped to pick up the ring and drove straight to Eleanor’s home. He proposed on the front steps… in exactly the same place he first told her that he loved her all those years before!

The Wedding
The couple decided they wanted a very traditional wedding. And they decided to take the show on the road… all the way to Hawaii. With twenty family and friends to witness their marriage, they recited their vows at sunset in Kauai, Hawaii in the gardens of the Grand Hyatt Resort and Spa.

Eleanor’s gown from The White Room in Birmingham was an ivory, strapless, a-line gown of multi-tiered Alençon lace custom-made by Rivini. It had a sweetheart neckline and each layer of the skirt had unique patterns of lace all the way down the extended chapel length train where the hemline was finished with pleated tulle.  Completing the ensemble was a cape cut ivory illusion veil, a handcrafted silver headpiece and drop earrings, encrusted with Swarovski crystals and fresh water pearls. The bride’s flowers were a mixture of cascading ivory flowers including mini calla lilies, Vendella and Whisper roses, stephanotis, gardenia, and other Hawaiian flowers. The bridesmaids wore long black dresses with ivory sashes and carried red roses tied with black silk ribbon and the groomsmen wore black tuxedos with red rose boutonnieres. 

The reception was a sit-down dinner with tables of sushi, tapas, and shellfish hors d'oeuvres on the terrace of the resort, which overlooks a coi pond.  The main dinner tables were decorated with red roses, ivory orchids, shells, smooth black river stones, tea candles and tall vases filled with water, shells and orchids.

After the reception, the couple left for the airport and a flight to Qamea, Fiji for their honeymoon and are now at home in El Paso, Texas.

Congratulations, Eleanor and Trent! Our very best wishes to you for a long and happy life together!

Photography by:  Katie & Jeff Barker Storytellers
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Eleanor and Trent’s Bromberg’s Wedding Registry
Formal China: Anna Weatherly Flowers of Yesterday, Simply Anna
Formal China: Rosenthal Baronesse
Formal Crystal: Waterford Lismore