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Rebecca Paige Merritt & Carter Newlin Deupree
January 23, 2010
Ceremony: Mountain Brook Presbyterian
Reception: Matt Jones Gallery

People always say when you meet “the one” you’ll know. But how many people really experience that feeling? Well, Rebecca Merritt says the moment she met Carter Deupree, she knew he was the one she was meant to be with forever. Seven years later, here’s their wedding story!

The Back Story
They met at a college frat party at Washington & Lee University. He was a junior, she was a freshman and both were pre-law students. Rebecca knew Carter was a great guy and that he was the man she wanted to be with from the first minute she saw him and so she invited him to every event for six or seven months as they got to know one another. During this time, Rebecca told Carter on several occasions that they were going to be together one day and he would always remark that she was completely crazy. But as their friendship grew to attraction and they started dating, Carter finally admitted Rebecca was right. They were meant to be together and he was in love with her. They dated through college, then law school, and carried on a long distance romance for the next seven years through clerkships and first jobs.  

The Proposal
In December, 2008, Carter was working in Greenville, South Carolina and Rebecca was clerking for Judge Pryor on the United State Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit in Birmingham as they planned a special New Year’s Eve visit together. Carter told Rebecca that he was expecting a long day at work and not to be in a hurry as she drove to Greenville. When she finally arrived at Carter’s apartment, she found a note on the door that said: Surprise! Come on in! As Rebecca entered the apartment, there were candles everywhere with arrows leading her down a hallway to a waiting Carter, dressed in his tuxedo. Carter got down on one knee, ring in hand, and asked Rebecca to be his wife. Since the couple always celebrated special occasions with champagne, Carter had chilled a Jeroboam (an oversized three liter bottle) of champagne that they shared with friends once Rebecca said yes. Very soon, they were in the middle of wedding planning.

Wedding & Reception Details
Rebecca said that she and Carter almost felt as if they were alone in their own little world as they laughed and loved every minute of their entire wedding day. Rebecca says that fun is the cornerstone of their relationship and that Carter always makes her laugh. Since they always have such fun together, they wanted the mood for their wedding to reflect that. They also wanted to incorporate some of their favorite things into the wedding design. Since champagne was something they always enjoyed together, they collected some of the champagne bottles from significant occasions: Carter’s graduation from law school, Rebecca’s graduation from law school, their engagement, when they closed on their first home, etc, and used those as decor throughout their reception. Rebecca found some candles styled as corks and turned their passion for champagne into a wonderfully personal design element.

Using her favorite green cymbidium orchids for her bouquet, Rebecca worked from that color for the overall floral design, using large market vases filled with bouquets of delicate pastel roses throughout the gallery. They strategically placed the flower arrangements, wedding cakes, and favors throughout the gallery to use the existing art installments as a backdrop for the wedding décor.

Rebecca’s gown was a heavily encrusted strapless Priscilla of Boston couture gown from The White Room and she wanted everything she wore to be meaningful and special. Her “something borrowed/something blue” was her grandmother’s antique garter with blue detailing that her mother also wore on her wedding day. For her “something new” Rebecca’s mother and grandmother gave her a beautiful diamond necklace and earrings from Bromberg’s and her matron of honor gave her a lovely silver purse to match. Her sweet grandmother also made a white and navy garter to toss during the reception. Rebecca’s brother, also named Carter, walked her down the aisle for the ceremony.

Since Carter proposed to Rebecca wearing his own Brooks Brothers tuxedo, they wanted all of the men to wear a similar styled suit for the wedding. Carter sent each of the groomsmen a photo of his tux so they could closely match his; they also each wore old-school classic black hand-tied black bowties. One of the most significant moments of the wedding was when Carter walked down the aisle with his brother and his mother, who had been battling cancer but was able to be there for the wedding. Afterwards, she commented that it was the best weekend of her life.

Another very personal touch was introduced with the favors that guests took home after the wedding. Carter is known for his obsession for salt--- apparently everyone who knows him knows he will have a salt shaker close at hand for meals. Rebecca surprised her groom with a massive display of salt shakers as favors for their guests, a tribute to his love of salt! “Nothing else would have been right to give to our guests” said Rebecca. “It was perfect!”

The couple honeymooned in Little Dix Bay on Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands and are now happy at home in Charleston, South Carolina and enjoying all of their wonderful Bromberg’s wedding gifts. 

Thank you, Rebecca and Carter! We wish you all of the best for a long and happy life together. Thank you for sharing your wedding with us!




Rebecca & Carter’s Bromberg’s Gift Registry included:
Fine China: Simply Anna-Anna Weatherly
Casual China: Louvre-Bernardaud
Formal Crystal: Lismore-Waterford
Sterling Flatware: Old Master- Towle